Not Just Another Food Post. Gardening time.

I’m a woman of many interests, and so here I will just share whatever fun, colorful, sometimes dull, interesting, funny, freaky (oh you get the idea) obstacles and items that come my way, just as if we were sitting ’round the table.

Today it’s the garden.   I’m just starting my own garden in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.  It gets hot here, like…really hot.  Yes, I know there are parts of California that get way hotter, but you get the idea.  I’ve never cultivated a vegetable garden in this kind of heat, a heat that seems to really affect the soil.  Water water water.

Right now I fully admit that I am cheating a bit by planting ‘starter plants’, not just seeds.  My impatience gets the better of me most days, and at this point, until I get to know the area where I’m gardening better (sun vs. shade, etc), I will probably stick with the cheating.  There will be much more variety should I go seeds, but that’s just down the line.

Oh, and it’s probably past the time to plant some of these when it comes to the time of the year, but I’m just going for it.  My own little experiment.  Again, damn patience.

We have some Early Girl tomatoes, California Wonder (Green) peppers, Chandler strawberries, basil (I’m not sure which type) and  french thyme.

The new garden, much to do.

The soil is really dry.  I’ve supplemented with soil/compost, and I’m loving my quiet time each night while I try to keep the soil moist and water water water.  We’ll see if the plants flourish or not.

Below is a pic of my first attempt at a vegetable, succulent and rose garden, just a few years ago.  The soil, proper irrigation, sun/shade combo…all of it was in my favor.  I feel like I organized, planted and cared for the plants, but really, nature had a beautiful way of doing its own thing.  The parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, peppers (orange, green, yellow, poblano)

The old garden, glorious.

Little bit of this and that.

The odds aren’t as much in my favor, so again, this will all be an experiment.

A yummy experiment at that.

My preschooler has been having a blast ‘helping’ me garden, and that alone is priceless.  I couldn’t have been happier as she plucked some fresh thyme and basil and exclaimed, “I tried it…and I like it!”  Up next and in the wings, we have some oregano, more green peppers, a different type of tomato…

More to come.


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