Day-One, Culinary School

Old Pic Alert! Day-One of Culinary School, Back in 2004

Such fun discovering old pictures!

I found this doozy, from 2004, of me on what I think was my first day of culinary school!  I didn’t even have my chef’s jacket yet (hence the random sweatshirt under my apron).

Day-one was all about eggs, and I believe I’m holding a Pipérade Basquaise w/ Eggs.  That first day, we also learned how to make Pâte à Choux, among other dishes and techniques that I would have been too terrified to try prior to enrolling.

My year at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts was one of the best years of my life.  I took a chance, as we all should, and threw myself into learning about something I love: food…and really, all things food-related.

The school was the perfect size for my needs, and I look back with such fond memories of not only the dishes I learned how to make but also the friendships that sprung from my experiences there.  It was a great place to learn and a base for what I hope will continue to be a lifelong journey of gaining knowledge about food and cultures.

If you happen to be in the Boston area and have any desire to go to culinary school, I highly recommend the CSCA.

Eat and be merry!


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