To begin our series on how Food Connects Us All, we begin with…the avocado!

Avocados. There are hundreds of varieties nowadays, and while you can find them all over the world, their ancestors all came from Mexico and Central America. Now, you can find them in every corner of the world.

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A New Series – Food Connects Us All: The A-Z’s of Shared Ingredients From Around The World

#FoodConnectsUsAll. It’s a hashtag we use often, here at All ‘Round The Table, and it’s something we believe to be 100% true.

World Food MapTo demonstrate how food does connect us all, no matter where you are around the world, we are starting a series that will be all about certain ingredients and how those foods are used in dishes from the United States to countries in Africa to Europe, Asia…well, everywhere. We will start with the A’s…and go to…Z. Such fun!

If you have dishes you’d like to submit for the series, please do so! The more personal the story behind it, the better.

And away we go!  Stay tuned… 🙂



Zengo: A Truly Tasty Latin-Asian Experience

I’m all about a good food story and a total sucker when it comes to culinary fusions. So, not surprisingly, I couldn’t have been more excited by the opportunity to check out the Latin-Asian fusion restaurant, Zengo, one of Chef/Owner Richard Sandoval’s restaurants, in Santa Monica. Chef Sandoval’s history as an international chef with roots in Mexico City, learning first-hand how to cook in the kitchen with his grandmother, along with his obvious joy in bringing together international flavors, such as Latin-Asian and Pan-Latin, appealed to me immensely. Food connects us all: people, countries, continents!

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The Fabulous Farmer’s Market

If you haven’t been to your local farmer’s market, then, needless to say, you’ve been missing out. And if you don’t have one nearby, and there are no farm stands anywhere close by, then I recommend checking one out when you’re traveling to a city or state that does.

In the United States, Local Harvest makes it so easy to locate one!  No excuses…

I live in Los Angeles, and this city is riddled with farmer’s markets. I love how they make this big city seem much more small-town than it is.

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