Don’t Break the Apple Peel!

Growing up, apple pies were on the menu for any special occasion, no matter what.  The smell of the baking apple pie took over the house, and I was in heaven.  Even to this day, I look forward to my mom’s apple pie.

But the best part of the whole apple pie process wasn’t the smelling of it or even the eating of it, it was the peeling of the actual apples.  Weird, right?  Well…let me explain.

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Tastes of a Family – How Memories Are Passed on Through Food

This is more of a post that belongs at the end of the year, around the holidays, but I have been craving my Gramma’s oatmeal cookies lately.  If they are on the brain, I thought I’d shake things up and discuss them here.

I don’t know what it is about my Gramma’s oatmeal cookies, but man!  That stuff makes me think of ‘home’, whatever that is.  When you move, move, move your whole life, the idea of home is blurred.  But I digress…

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