Share YOUR Food Story

In kitchens and across dining tables we share experiences and flavors that transcend geographies, cultures and generations. Food preserves family histories, triggers emotions and memories, and provokes conversations.

Have you heard a story about something food-related that peaked your interest?  I do, a lot. Was there a time when you tasted something, and it reminded you of that one time you ______?  I bet you do. Did you experience a type of food that made you want to cry?  Good cry?  Bad cry…? Have you ever gotten to know someone a bit better because of what food he/she liked?

I have moved and traveled a bit, and the more I do so, the more I learn how food connects us all.

I want this site to be about my stories and YOURS. I’ll need your help.  Let’s Taste, Learn, Share together.

Please join me on this journey and share your story.


One thought on “Share YOUR Food Story

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