Who am I?

My husband, when we were just dating, said to me from across the dinner table one night, “I love the way you smile when you’re chewing.”  I knew I had to marry him.  And the rest is history, right?

Welll…you get the idea. I’m a fan of all-things-food. And I love to find cultural connections via food. But really, who am I?

My name is Amy, and I’m a mom, wife, voice over artist, host/spokesperson, and leader of a loop group with a professional chef’s degree and an appetite for food and food/cultural stories. The fact that I have moved around so much in my life has added to my inherent love of food.  As I have moved, I have been exposed to so many different people, cultures, walks-of-life…and the one thing that has connected all of it has been FOOD, be it via actually eating or just plain talking about it!

From a culinary standpoint, I have also host food-related videos as one of the Food Experts for Shoptopia.com and AOL/Bank of America. Being able to share what I learn gives me such joy.  Now, let’s taste, learn, share together!


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